Gizzy Quilt Slide Show

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Edison's Quilt

Hi Everyone. My name is Edison. I live in NJ with four other cats: Dolly, Smudge, Clara and Nosey. Here I am on the kitty quilt my Momma ordered.

Isn't it beautiful? Momma particularly likes purple and green. Dolly was very excited when our quilt first came. So excited she yakked up a hairball right on the nice new quilt. Gross! As you can see from the picture, the quilt washes and dries beautifully.

I'm putting a closer upper picture of me in bc I want Millie to get a good look at me. She and I have a lot in common. We're about the same age. We're black and white. We both live with older kitties. We're both strays...I was living in a pipe in an electric supply company's outdoor stockyard. A pipe! Without any kitty momma or littermates! Oh, yes, I'm a scamp, just like Millie. And I have beautiful bedroom eyes...

So, Millie, if you don't mind a long distance relationship, I'm your guy!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tucker's Amazing Technicolor Flying Quilt

When the man in the blue shorts delivered the box to Tucker's house, it was snowing and slushy. He didn't want to climb the stairs, so he tossed the box up to the landing. But it fell off, and when Tucker's Mom got home from her day hunting, the box was on the ground in a big puddle, soaking wet. She was angry, and thought the quilt would be ruined.

But as any kitty who has received a kitty quilt so far knows, they are wrapped in plastic to keep them nice and clean while they fly. So the quilt inside was in perfect condition. Tucker was a little wary of the quilt at first, but as you can see, he loves it now.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Flying Quilt Has Landed!

At my house!
Here is what mine mombean said about my new quilt:

"The quilt is much more beautiful in person... It feels like a tropical evening. With blocks showing ferns and bamboo out lined in gently shimmering copper thread, broad green leaves, woven grassmat looking blocks, splashes of big red flowers outlined in gold thread.... there is even a leopard peaking out. Blocks of gold and green, some squares look like pebbles underwater, and with an ice cold Martini and a fortune cookie for good luck you know it is paradise."
Here is what I say:
It is good for sleeping, napping, snoozing, dreaming and just hanging out until its time to eat, mooch a treat or lap sit. I have already covered it with my ginger and white fur, which really is the only improvement it needed. Its big enough for 2 so I bring a toy with me.

Purrs and headbutts to all,

Friday, March 23, 2007

Daisy's beautiful PINK quilt!

Here is my very beautiful pink quilt. It is my favorite color! And it is perfect for lounging in the sun.
And, when I am ready to play, I like to use my quilt for a toy. When I get too rough, my Mommie says "Daisy-No-No!" because she does not want me to hurt my quilt. Do not worry, I am taking very good care of my beautiful quilt!

Show me the Quilts!

Hi! It's me, Millie! So many cats have asked for kitty quilts and Junior suggested a place to show them off, so I have created this blog. Cats can tell their kitty quilt stories and post pictures of themselves enjoying (I hope!) their quilts.

I'll start the ball rolling with a picture of this quilt. It doesn't have a cat yet, but Mom may have a cat in mind for it. It's got a lot of yellow and some nice greens.