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Friday, March 23, 2007

Daisy's beautiful PINK quilt!

Here is my very beautiful pink quilt. It is my favorite color! And it is perfect for lounging in the sun.
And, when I am ready to play, I like to use my quilt for a toy. When I get too rough, my Mommie says "Daisy-No-No!" because she does not want me to hurt my quilt. Do not worry, I am taking very good care of my beautiful quilt!


Millie said...

Daisy, you look so good with your quilt! I am glad you like it so much.

Junior said...

A pink quilt to share with Skeezix! WOO HOO!!!!

Mr. Zenith & the Fancidots Gang said...

Hi Daisy,
Yu look furry beautimus on yur pretty pink quilt.
Of korse, you always look beautimus, so itz no surprize.
We fink Skeezix mite get urjes when he seez yu attakin it, tho.
yur little pal