Gizzy Quilt Slide Show

Monday, February 18, 2008

Late? Who's Late?

Well, it would seem that I am late! It's only been 4 months that I've been enjoyin' the most comfortable bit o' cotton n' color a fella could have and I've neglected to properly thank the ever-crafty Millie and her mom!
Not only does it match my furs and compliment my Staff's decor, but it has a little Eau de Millie on it, which I sniff periodically to remind me of the gentle paws that helped create such a comfortable quilt.
Thank you ever so, Millie-and my humble thanks to your able mom!

Angus Mhor

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tiger Lily

Mom did not tell us to expect something in the mail so we were really surprised to see a package from Millie and her Mom. Of course we had to open it right away. Just look at our beautiful Gizzy quilts! They are perfect for our home and for us!

We all love them both but Jemima has claimed this one as her own. She likes to be wrapped up in it because it helps keep her nice and warm.

She also likes to sleep on top of it. See how the colors match our walls? I think here Jemima was ready for the clicky flashy box to stop going off.

Ruckus claimed this Gizzy right away too. Here you can see her telling the rest of us to back off!

Do you see the beautiful peachy colored blocks of these quilts? They are really brighter than the pictures show. The color is called Firewater and it exactly matches the color of the walls in the diningroom that is right next to the livingroom. Mom did not get any pictures of the quilts in that room because we would not let her move them!

Zeke and Sushi and I, Tiger Lily, have all had turns on the quilts too but Mom has been too slow to take pictures. Maybe we will let her catch us with her clicky flashy box sometime but I decided not to wait until then to post the ones we do have.

Thank you Darling Millie and your Mom! We are so happy with our Gizzy quilts!!!