Gizzy Quilt Slide Show

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Triple Play!

We went to my MIL's house after dinner last night to deliver the beautiful Gizzy Quilts for Star and Rufus. Of course, step one was to "find the cats" ~ they are so used to living with just one person that they're extremely absent whenever anyone else is around (under the bed is their preferred hiding spot).

Took a little while to explain the 'Millie Magic' factor to MIL ~ she just couldn't get her head wrapped around why I, as a quilter, would send away for kitty quilts...

This is Star, swaddled in her Gizzy Quilt (not a happy kitty at this point).

However, after about 30 minutes and a few kitty treats strategically placed at the center of her Gizzy Quilt, Star did venture forth!

Meanwhile, DH had captured Rufus ~ this is how Rufus spends his evenings, curled up against MIL on the couch (reportedly, when we are not there, she has one cat on each side) ~ now Rufus can enjoy his Gizzy Quilt and get his ears scratched...

We had given our Angel her Gizzy Quilt just before we went over to MIL's house ~ this is where she was when we left and she hadn't moved a whisker when we came home. Angel adores her new Gizzy Quilt! She was curled up in it again this morning before I left for work ~ awesome!

Thanks Lynne and Millie ~

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

We love our quilt!!!

Our purrfect quilt arrived yesterday! We love having something soft and purrty to lay on so we are very excited for this new addition to our collection of things to lounge on! Not that we aren't already spoiled or anything....thanks to our friend Lynne all the way in New Hamp. for making this for us and to Millie for allowing her to do so! Us Hollywood cats love it!