Gizzy Quilt Slide Show

Friday, June 5, 2009

Maxwell Mufsa Millon but call me Maxie and my special quilt

Dear grizzy,

I love my grizzy it sit on my ponf chair it my most faviort place to nap. My mama put it on the pong chair at first i never just up on it now i snoozze all day and night on it. You see i not a bed sleeper I rather spend the night in my pong on my grizzy. My mama said thats okay cuse another cat used to love his pong too and the pong need a man cat in it. Espealy a cute ginger man.

This is my other grizzy.... it belonged to a hero man cat who went to the bridge mama said he sent me to her so it make her heart feel good that i on it. I use it for comfort when i go into scard maxie. I don't do that as much but it still mine

You see my grizzy bring out my manlyness don't you think

Yup nothing like after noon sun a cat nip heart a pong chair open window and my grizzy I a lucky man cat indee. Mama said this picuter makes me kissable so i takeing bids .
Yours truely
Maxie a very lucky man cat indeed
Ps grizzy Lilly Lu said if you see mu shue up there at the bridge wrapped around a calico named kayla tell him she miss him but i good chocie