Gizzy Quilt Slide Show

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Rudy Claims Halloween Gizzy For His Own!

Here's what all the cool cats are napping on for Halloween!
Rudy likes that it matches his fur!
Isn't this the best Halloween nappy spot?
Thank-you so very much Millie and Mom Lynne for your generosity! I might share with Parker and my other siblings, but then again, I might not!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Jan's Funny Farm

We were all excited when our Gizzy quilt arrived and we want to share some of our photos with you. Isn't it beautiful? In our favorite fall colors too.

Things got rather hectic as we all wanted to check out the new quilt and a traffic jam ensued. Percy is checking it out below and Rusty is waiting his turn.

Of course, the dogs were jealous! So we let Merci take a test rest on it, before reclaiming it.

Here's Crystal. He got to try it out first and he liked it so much he kept coming back for more turns. As he rolled on it, he kept mumbling, "I love my Gizzy quilt." But it isn't his; it's ours. And we all love our Gizzy quilt.

We posted other photos on Jan's Funny Farm when the quilt arrived, but we're late getting them posted here.

Thanks, Lynne! You did a beautiful job. And either Jasmine or Millie did good quality control work.

Jan's Funny Farm residents

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Donny and Marie and Casey


We got a special package from Millie and her mommy almost 2 wks ago! Because mommy was preparing to go out of town, she didn't give us this special package until yesterday.

When mommy opened up the package for us, we were so excited. It's GIZZY QUILTS!!! We were so happy! We each had our own quilt, which we immediately took possession of. Donny and I immediately claimed our respective quilts. We loved the pretty colours on both, coz they matched our eyes.



I totally loved mine! I made sure to claim THE prettiest quilt, which I knew to be mine. I love sitting on it, lying on it and even playing hide and seek with it! It is such a gurreat quilt!

THANK YOU MILLIE'S MOMMY! We love our Bizzy for Gizzy quilts!!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Ruby, Diesel, Roscoe, Freya, and Ziggy

We all love our Gizzy quilts - and they flew a long way - all the way to New Zealand. We are a family of 4 Maine Coons living with big sister Ruby who keeps us all in line. We don't have a blog yet (Mum's too busy, but we are working on it ...). It's been winter here, so having the quilts to snuggle up in has been wonderful. And having them on the chairs stops visitors getting covered in cat furs when they sit down! We all think Millie's mum is just so clever and we have ordered the Halloween Gizzy - hope we got in first! The photos show the quilts separately, and us modelling them, so you can see how well they match our furs. Without further ado - introducing:

Ruby - I'm the oldest (8 years). I had a beautiful ginger brother but he went to the bridge when I was only 2, so mum who loves gingers and saw some Maine Coons at a cat show was smitten, so that's how Diesel got to join the family.

Diesel - I'm 6 1/2 years old and a BIG boy - around 9 kg which is about 20 lbs. Maine Coons were still quite rare in New Zealand when Mum got me, but she was so impressed with my looks and my lovely nature, she couldn't resist getting one (or three!) more.

I'm Roscoe (silver grey tabby), and that's my sister Freya (red-shaded silver) below. We're 6 years old. Freya says sorry for the photo of her on the quilt - but she is shy, and it was hard getting her to pose. You can see me and the baby of the family, Ziggy, looking in through the glass doors.

Hi, I'm Ziggy, and I've just turned 2. I have a lot of growing to do (Maine Coons don't fully mature until 3 to 4 years of age) but I don't think I'll end up quite as big as Diesel. That doesn't stop me trying to rassle him all the time though. He's a very tolerant big brother; if he's had enough he just sits on me!

Thank you Millie's mum. We think our quilts are just wonderful.