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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Edison's Quilt

Hi Everyone. My name is Edison. I live in NJ with four other cats: Dolly, Smudge, Clara and Nosey. Here I am on the kitty quilt my Momma ordered.

Isn't it beautiful? Momma particularly likes purple and green. Dolly was very excited when our quilt first came. So excited she yakked up a hairball right on the nice new quilt. Gross! As you can see from the picture, the quilt washes and dries beautifully.

I'm putting a closer upper picture of me in bc I want Millie to get a good look at me. She and I have a lot in common. We're about the same age. We're black and white. We both live with older kitties. We're both strays...I was living in a pipe in an electric supply company's outdoor stockyard. A pipe! Without any kitty momma or littermates! Oh, yes, I'm a scamp, just like Millie. And I have beautiful bedroom eyes...

So, Millie, if you don't mind a long distance relationship, I'm your guy!


Daisy said...

Hi Edison! That is a nice quilt, and you look very handsome on it!

Millie said...


I'm so flattered! And thrilled! I don't mind a long distance relationship at all! You look terrific on the quilt. I am glad you and your fambly love it.

Derby said...

You are a good looking Tuxie Edison. I think you have already charmed Miss Millie into being your girlcat.

Munchkin, Missy and Monte said...

Good thing she accepted so quickly, der might just be some competition out there. Of course not from Missy though she is already taken.

Junior said...

That is a great quilt! And you do have bedroom eyes.

Edison said...

Millie, My Love,

Belated first birthday greetings! Although I am a cat - and therefore do not have the longest memory - I will strive to never miss another birthday!

My heart - it is so happy that you have accepted me - it almost beats outside my chest! I hope you do not mind that I am a few months younger than you. My youth will allow me to keep up with you and your scampish ways!

May we have many days together as puter pals,

Your obedient servant,

Your humble friend,