Gizzy Quilt Slide Show

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Jan's Funny Farm Surprise

Many of you already know the secret of the package that arrived at Jan's Funny Farm Monday. Poppy Q and her mom conspired with Millie and her mom to send 2 flying quilts to the Funny Farm.

Now we have 3 matching quilts. What a wonderful surprise. How did these kitties and their moms manage to keep this secret for a whole month? Buddy can't keep a secret for ten minutes. But he's a dog, so that doesn't count.

These are our 3 matching Gizzy quilts. Please forgive Cyndi for scrunching up one. She's excited!

Buddy thought the two quilts were just his size.

Samaritan wanted to borrow a quilt from Percy.

Now that winter is coming and the house is cold, Jan is making us 3 Gizzy quilt beds and 3 non-Gizzy-beds. Here is Crystal posing in one of the Gizzy beds.

Come visit us on Jan's Funny Farm.