Gizzy Quilt Slide Show

Monday, June 25, 2007

Bizzy for Gizzy Flying Quilts!

Slide will only allow us to show 50 quilts, so please don't feel slighted if your quilt isn't here.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Designing the Quilts

OK, so Mom's cut all the strips into blocks and now she is playing with them, designing quilts.

There are 21 different fabrics, cut into over 500 pieces. With all that selection, it should be easy, right?
Uh, no.

If Mom uses every single piece, she could make 24 quilts, but she says that won't happen. For one thing she just found a strip that was cut wrong, meaning each of the nine blocks from that strip is unusable. Oops. Make that 23 quilts. Maybe.

Friday, June 22, 2007


Mom has cut up just under half the strips into blocks of three sizes: 6-1/2", 4-1/2" and 2-1/2".
These are still left to cut.

Holiday Gizzys - Getting Started

Mom's finally started on the Holiday Gizzy Quilts. Here is a picture of all the fabric. The candy cane fabric on the left, and the red and silver fabric on the right are two of the fabrics Mom will use for the backs of the quilts.

All the fabric has to be ironed before it is cut into strips.
Here, some fabric is being cut.
After all the strips are cut, they are matched with another color.
Here everything has been matched and is waiting to be sewn.
Here are all the strips, sewn into pairs, then ironed. There are over 60 pairs of strips. They took about two hours to sew and another two hours to press.
Now these will be cut into blocks. Later, those blocks will be arranged into quilt tops. Mom thinks this next step will take a few days. She won't design any quilts until all the blocks are cut. She estimates there will be over 400 blocks when she is finished cutting.

She also says her shoulder will be really sore.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Mu shue Pooh Man Cat Grizzy quilt

Hi it Mu shue Pooh King Cat to tell you about My Grizzy quilt I have a green quilt looks good in sun shie
Look how the green brings out my fur collor and eyes and quite soft !!!
My quilt is so special becuse It has Pooh I love Pooh becuse My neame is Mu shue pooh
Aww Yes it great to be king and own a Grizzy Quilt. Mine is Made for King Thanks I love it !!!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

fahion adivice for those wiff grizzy quilt

When picking youR Fashion for a grizzy it is furry import that you match you wardrobe to your grizzy now for me this was not a problem since my quilt is PINK PINK PINK I do love My PINK

This is my PINK ladys dress please notice it show off my grizzy quilt just purrfect
this is a cute musle shirt it dose of purrple in it but as alot of PINK too and purrpele goes well wiff PINK so it is okay to were pupple on a PINK PINK PINK quilt
This is my super cat shirt it is as PINK PINK PINK as my quilt furry fashibul
Here is me in a hello kitty shirt showing my loves for My hello kitty who also dressed in PINK PINK PINK but she suports the red sox dressed in PINK PINK PINK thats my type of Hello Kitty
But the grizzy quilt is alos the place were we stop to think think think and rember grizzy who the quilts are named for Grizzy we never forget you i be a peace at rainbow bridge

Thank you i love my gizzy

Monday, June 4, 2007

Today Mom came home and said "Guess what, guys?"

We looked at each other and back at Mom.

"Your Gizzy quilt came!"

She laid it down for us and we were instantly rolling, sniffing, and otherwise loving our wonderful quilt.

Thanks very much, Lynne & Millie! It's wonderful!

xo-Pippin & Turtle

I love my flying quilt!

My name is Loki. My Grandma calls me The Loki Monster 'cause I get into so much trouble. My flying quilt arrived today! My grandma took my picture. Don't I look happy? Thank you Millie's mom!