Gizzy Quilt Slide Show

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Frostin's Gizzy

Wow , did my humans have a suprise for me this week. On Tuesday in the mail there was this package and it was adressed to me and of course I had my humans open it for me. They laid a new Gizzy quilt on the floor for me and at first I was not sure what to do about it. Monika picked me up and placed me on it and I sniffed it a bit then turned about and sniffed it some more before I settled to relax on it. After I was done Boots decided to try it out. She is smitten with me and I with her.

BOOTS: I do not know what that boy is talking about me being smitten with him huh. I do

like the Gizzy quilt though .

Ok so I let her enjoy it for abit and then the humans moved it to the foot of the bed where I settled for a nice long nap. Thanks Millie and Millie's mom.


Sundays Child said...

Wow, great to see you posting again!

Hannah and Lucy said...

The quilt colour makes you furs look beautiful
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Millie said...

Love the blue quilt, from another Millie