Gizzy Quilt Slide Show

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Captain Casper's Gizzy Quilt

I have been honored to recieve a gizzy quilt made by
Mom Lynn. My girlfriend Missy Blue Eyes sent it
to me. Both Missy and I have blue eyes. KC Missy's
sister had her paw into sending it too.
It is so nice to lay on, comfy and cozy. Feels sooo good.
The name of my gizzy quilt is Blue Bell.

I let my sister Cleo try it out too. She doesn't have
blue eyes though.


ML said...

I think Casper looks great on the new Blue Bell Gizzy. I believe that is the name of my Gizzy, also.
These quilts are just wonderful, I hope Casper enjoys his as much as I have enjoyed mine.
~Missy Blue Eyes

caspersmom said...

Ah yes my Missy Blue Eyes. I do enjoy mine just as much as you do yours. Thank you again so much.


Kate said...

Nice quilt. I also put some quilt in my rabbit hutch and my rabbits just love it. I am sure you feel the same thing with my rabbit with your quilt.