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Saturday, June 9, 2007

fahion adivice for those wiff grizzy quilt

When picking youR Fashion for a grizzy it is furry import that you match you wardrobe to your grizzy now for me this was not a problem since my quilt is PINK PINK PINK I do love My PINK

This is my PINK ladys dress please notice it show off my grizzy quilt just purrfect
this is a cute musle shirt it dose of purrple in it but as alot of PINK too and purrpele goes well wiff PINK so it is okay to were pupple on a PINK PINK PINK quilt
This is my super cat shirt it is as PINK PINK PINK as my quilt furry fashibul
Here is me in a hello kitty shirt showing my loves for My hello kitty who also dressed in PINK PINK PINK but she suports the red sox dressed in PINK PINK PINK thats my type of Hello Kitty
But the grizzy quilt is alos the place were we stop to think think think and rember grizzy who the quilts are named for Grizzy we never forget you i be a peace at rainbow bridge

Thank you i love my gizzy

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Junior said...

Miss Lilly that is so sweet of you to give us fashion advice. Now I can figure out what to wear with my quilt!