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Friday, June 22, 2007

Holiday Gizzys - Getting Started

Mom's finally started on the Holiday Gizzy Quilts. Here is a picture of all the fabric. The candy cane fabric on the left, and the red and silver fabric on the right are two of the fabrics Mom will use for the backs of the quilts.

All the fabric has to be ironed before it is cut into strips.
Here, some fabric is being cut.
After all the strips are cut, they are matched with another color.
Here everything has been matched and is waiting to be sewn.
Here are all the strips, sewn into pairs, then ironed. There are over 60 pairs of strips. They took about two hours to sew and another two hours to press.
Now these will be cut into blocks. Later, those blocks will be arranged into quilt tops. Mom thinks this next step will take a few days. She won't design any quilts until all the blocks are cut. She estimates there will be over 400 blocks when she is finished cutting.

She also says her shoulder will be really sore.

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