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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Jan's Funny Farm

We were all excited when our Gizzy quilt arrived and we want to share some of our photos with you. Isn't it beautiful? In our favorite fall colors too.

Things got rather hectic as we all wanted to check out the new quilt and a traffic jam ensued. Percy is checking it out below and Rusty is waiting his turn.

Of course, the dogs were jealous! So we let Merci take a test rest on it, before reclaiming it.

Here's Crystal. He got to try it out first and he liked it so much he kept coming back for more turns. As he rolled on it, he kept mumbling, "I love my Gizzy quilt." But it isn't his; it's ours. And we all love our Gizzy quilt.

We posted other photos on Jan's Funny Farm when the quilt arrived, but we're late getting them posted here.

Thanks, Lynne! You did a beautiful job. And either Jasmine or Millie did good quality control work.

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Marisela said...

Keep up the good work.