Gizzy Quilt Slide Show

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Perfect 3-Quilt Landing

All three beautiful Bizzy for Gizzy quilts have landed in Bellingham, WA. Royal purple for Maddie, Bright yellow to contrast against Kona, and Gorgeous green for Wiley.

Maddie took about 30 seconds to curl up and start napping on hers. She knows the royal colors, and that they are meant for her.

Beautiful black Kona dozing on his quilt. His yellow quilt is exceptionally awesome. I should find a picture with his face up and eyes open. He and Bill (see April 12) look like siblings!

And here is Wiley relaxing on her green quilt. Of course her eyes are closed here, but they match the quilt.

This was what our bed looked like this morning as I was leaving for work. Two happy quilt kitties. Maddie was on hers twice this morning after we moved it next to the fireplace, but every time I grabbed the camera, she walked off!

A huge, warm thank you, trills, and purrs to Lynne, Jasmine, and Millie. I can't tell you how special these quilts are and how much I appreciated your patience. Your caring shines through. Someone else may have just been "making another quilt". You, however, made our kitties' quilts. There is a difference and it shows in the final results.


PippinAndTurtle said...

These are all SO pretty!! Millie's mom is so good at making quilts to match kitties.

Millie said...

You guys look SO happy on your quilts. I am really pleased.

Junior said...

Those are great quilts! Meowm especially loves the yellow one!!