Gizzy Quilt Slide Show

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Frostin's Gizzy

Wow , did my humans have a suprise for me this week. On Tuesday in the mail there was this package and it was adressed to me and of course I had my humans open it for me. They laid a new Gizzy quilt on the floor for me and at first I was not sure what to do about it. Monika picked me up and placed me on it and I sniffed it a bit then turned about and sniffed it some more before I settled to relax on it. After I was done Boots decided to try it out. She is smitten with me and I with her.

BOOTS: I do not know what that boy is talking about me being smitten with him huh. I do

like the Gizzy quilt though .

Ok so I let her enjoy it for abit and then the humans moved it to the foot of the bed where I settled for a nice long nap. Thanks Millie and Millie's mom.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Captain Casper's Gizzy Quilt

I have been honored to recieve a gizzy quilt made by
Mom Lynn. My girlfriend Missy Blue Eyes sent it
to me. Both Missy and I have blue eyes. KC Missy's
sister had her paw into sending it too.
It is so nice to lay on, comfy and cozy. Feels sooo good.
The name of my gizzy quilt is Blue Bell.

I let my sister Cleo try it out too. She doesn't have
blue eyes though.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Gizzy Quilt for Trouble

Our new addition, Trouble got his very own Gizzy Quilt. And he is enjoying it very much. It looks so beautiful with his coloring, I just want to keep taking pictures of him on it. You can see more pictures of the quilt (and Madness hijacking it) here.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Maxwell Mufsa Millon but call me Maxie and my special quilt

Dear grizzy,

I love my grizzy it sit on my ponf chair it my most faviort place to nap. My mama put it on the pong chair at first i never just up on it now i snoozze all day and night on it. You see i not a bed sleeper I rather spend the night in my pong on my grizzy. My mama said thats okay cuse another cat used to love his pong too and the pong need a man cat in it. Espealy a cute ginger man.

This is my other grizzy.... it belonged to a hero man cat who went to the bridge mama said he sent me to her so it make her heart feel good that i on it. I use it for comfort when i go into scard maxie. I don't do that as much but it still mine

You see my grizzy bring out my manlyness don't you think

Yup nothing like after noon sun a cat nip heart a pong chair open window and my grizzy I a lucky man cat indee. Mama said this picuter makes me kissable so i takeing bids .
Yours truely
Maxie a very lucky man cat indeed
Ps grizzy Lilly Lu said if you see mu shue up there at the bridge wrapped around a calico named kayla tell him she miss him but i good chocie

Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Gizzy from Parker

This lovely Gizzy quilt arrived November 24, 2008. At that time our computer was down, so we're a bit late (what an understatement!) making this post.

But first and foremost, we want to tell you what a wonderful surprise it was to receive this -- last year. Millie's mom Lynne made this Orange Crush Gizzy to help raise medical funds for Moki. Perfectly Parker won it, but asked Millie's mom to send it to us. Wasn't that sweet? We were thrilled. It was cold in November, December, January, February, and much of March. We could have used another Gizzy. But Jan said, noooooo, not yet, we need to keep it clean and in the original package so you don't forget to post the photos.

We were going to show you how beautifully it was folded and wrapped in lace ribbon, but Jan suddenly decided it was time to start catching up and .... Well, she cut the ribbon and laid out the Gizzy so she could take photos to add to the ones she took when it arrived.

Only, she couldn't find the original photos. Anywhere. Not on the computer. Not on a CD. But...but...but... Her brother painstakenly rescued all her lost photos. Where did they go now?

Nowhere. After a frantic search, she then read her note on the package: Photograph & post to JFF & Lynne's Gizzy blog. Oh, yeah, that's why Jan saved it with the ribbon intact and wouldn't let us use the Gizzy. For 6 months! And it was cold most of those months.! But back then there wasn't any use to take pictures, since we didn't have a computer . Jan says she's sorry, but we're wondering if we can vote her off the computer. (That's a pretty big blooper, Jan!)

Samaritan admires the back of the Gizzy. A pretty orange.

Rusty is the first to quality test it.

Yep, comfortable to sit on and look to left or right.

No, Sam, I'm not moving so you can climb up here and sit on it. You'd collapse the stand, anyway.

Percy: Yes, Sam, I know you like your comforts, but it's my turn to test this Gizzy.

Yep, soft enough to flop onto my side from a standing position.

I vote we give it a 10 for looks and comfort.

Thanks, Parker! Now that Jan has finally stuck her pinky in the catch-up pile, we can use our "new" Gizzy.

Hey, waaaaaaaaaaaaait! Jan, that's a kitty Gizzy. Why are you putting it on Buddy's chair?

Jan's Funny Farm

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bizzy for Gizzy quilts are not just for cats!!

Bella loves her new quilt! She is a not a cat! She is however, a princess! Princess Isabella, Bella for short. She finds her new quilt to be delightful to nest on and the colors make her day and her owner's day brighter! BOWWW WOWWWW!! RUFF RUFF!

Monday, January 5, 2009

topcatrules gets a Christmas present

This is Pyewacket of topcatrules on her new Christmas present.

She will sometimes let her sisters Tigger and Trixie sit on it, but

she knows it is really hers. She loves it!